Photos from Conference on Biography in East Asia, 1400 – 1900, Vancouver

Tim Sedo

Tim Sedo, Concordia University, “Local Gazetteer as Personal Biography: Jing Fang’s Magisterial Activism in a Mid-Ming Northern Gazetteer”


Clockwise from left corner: Leo Shin (University of British Columbia), Roger Desforges (SUNY – Buffalo), Grace Fong (McGill University), Sixiang Wang (Columbia University), Jolan Yi (National Taiwan University), Sinae Park (University of British Columbia), Saeyoung Park (Davidson College), Tim Sedo (Concordia University), Joe Dennis (University of Wisconsin-Madison, attendee (unidentified), Elizabeth Kindall (University of St. Thomas), Adam Bohnet (King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario), Ihor Pidhainy (Marietta College)