Fall 2020 Awards

The Board of Directors of the James P. Geiss and Margaret Y. Hsu Foundation is delighted to announce that it has awarded publication subventions to Columbia University Press and the University of Michigan Press during its fall 2020 application cycle. 

The awards will support the publication of The Religious Ethic and Mercantile Spirit in Early Modern China by Ying-shih Yü and The Culture of Language in Ming China by Nathan Vedal, (both Columbia University Press), as well as the print edition and open-access publication of Writing Pirates: Vernacular Fiction and Oceans in Seventeenth Century China by Yuanfei Wang (University of Michigan Press).

The next application deadline is March 1. Award applications for subventions (including the open-access publication of new or previously published works) and projects that make possible the sharing of Ming scholarship during the Covid-19 pandemic are strongly encouraged.

For more information, please visit the website or email info@geissfoundation.us.

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