Open-Access Publishing Awards

GHF recently awarded support for two open-access publishing projects during the spring 2021 awards cycle. 

University of Washington Press will create open-access editions of ten previously-published books on the Ming dynasty: 

University of Hawai’i Press will produce an open-access version of The Dreaming Mind and the End of the Ming World by Lynn A. Struve (2019).

*GHF previously supported the print editions of these titles

National Humanities Center Geiss Hsu Foundation Fellowship

GHF is delighted to announce that it has issued a project award to the National Humanities Center in support of a Geiss Hsu Foundation Fellowship for Johan Elverskog for the 2021–2022 academic year. During the fellowship year, Dr. Elverskog, Dedman Family Distinguished Professor, Professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University, will work on a project examining the history of Uighur Buddhism from 800 to 1800 CE.

New Manuscript Review Workshop Initiative

GHF invites applications for support of manuscript review workshops. Workshops will bring together two to five readers to provide feedback for improving a scholarly monograph that falls within the mission of the Foundation. Workshops may be virtual or in-person. The Geiss Hsu Foundation award may be used as honoraria and for travel, food, and lodging for participants, in the case of in-person workshops. Additional financial support from the author’s home institution would be appreciated, but is not a requirement. We are particularly interested in first book projects but will consider applications from senior scholars as well. Deadlines are September 1 and March 1.
Please follow the guidelines for Project Awards. In addition, please provide a brief statement of support from the Department Chair and a representative chapter of the manuscript.

Spring 2021 Subvention Awards

Congratulations to Cambridge University Press and the Harvard Asia Center Publications Program, which received subvention awards to support the print publications of The Aura of Confucius: Relics and Representations of the Sage at the Kongzhai Shrine in Shanghai by Julia K. Murray (Cambridge, forthcoming October 2021) and Localizing Learning: Literati and Learning in Wuzhou, 1100-1600 by Peter K. Bol (Harvard, forthcoming February 2022).

Apply Now for Spring 2021 Awards

Deadline: March 1, 2021

GHF is now accepting applications for projects and publication subventions (including the open-access publication of new and previously published works).

Project awards fund scholarly activities that confirm GHF’s mission, such as academic conferences, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and more. Projects that make possible the sharing of Ming scholarship during the pandemic are strongly encouraged.

Subvention awards support not-for-profit academic presses in publishing books that align with the Geiss Hsu Foundation’s mission and goals. We are now accepting applications to make new and previously published works open access.

New Releases Supported by GHF

Subvention awards from GHF helped make possible the publication of these newly released titles:

The Objectionable Li Zhi: Fiction, Criticism, and Dissent in Late Ming China
Edited by Rivi Handler-Spitz, Pauline C. Lee and Haun Saussy
University of Washington Press (January 2021)

In Remembrance of the Saints: The Rise and Fall of an Inner Asian Sufi Dynasty 
By Muhammad Sadiq Kashghari. Translated by David Brophy
Columbia University Press (January 2021)
Further Adventures on the Journey to the West
By Master of Silent Whistle Studio. Translated by Qiancheng Li and Robert E. Hegel. Introduction by Qiancheng Li
University of Washington Press (October 2020)

Inviting Applications for Open-Access Publishing

The James P. Geiss and Margaret Y. Hsu Foundation invites applications for support for open-access publishing. We are interested in proposals that support the mission of the Foundation to promote research in Ming studies and adjacent geographical regions and time periods. Open-access applications may include new titles, already-published books, and especially books that have previously received subvention awards from the Foundation. Important books in Ming studies that could reach a wider audience through open-access publishing would be strong candidates.

We will consider requests for making both past publications and new titles open access. For previously published books, please apply using the Project Award guidelines. We also encourage you to consider open access for new titles submitted for the Subvention Award. Please include costs associated with open access in the budget. While awards for open-access publishing might fall within the range of the Foundation’s typical publication subvention awards ($3,500 to $7,500), an award may exceed these amounts if the publisher can demonstrate that such a sum would be necessary for making the publication open access. Deadlines are March 1 and September 1.

Questions may be directed to info@geissfoundation.usSign up to receive Foundation news and reminders about application deadlines.

Fall 2020 Awards

The Board of Directors of the James P. Geiss and Margaret Y. Hsu Foundation is delighted to announce that it has awarded publication subventions to Columbia University Press and the University of Michigan Press during its fall 2020 application cycle. 

The awards will support the publication of The Religious Ethic and Mercantile Spirit in Early Modern China by Ying-shih Yü and The Culture of Language in Ming China by Nathan Vedal, (both Columbia University Press), as well as the print edition and open-access publication of Writing Pirates: Vernacular Fiction and Oceans in Seventeenth Century China by Yuanfei Wang (University of Michigan Press).

The next application deadline is March 1. Award applications for subventions (including the open-access publication of new or previously published works) and projects that make possible the sharing of Ming scholarship during the Covid-19 pandemic are strongly encouraged.

For more information, please visit the website or email

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